“I pray to thee,
O Lady of ladies, goddess of goddesses.
O Ishtar, queen of all peoples, who guides mankind aright,
O Irnini, ever exalted, greatest of the Igigi,
O mighty of princesses, exalted is thy name.
Thou indeed art the light of heaven and earth,
O valiant daughter of Sin.
O supporter of arms, who determines battle,
O possessor of all divine power, who wears the crown of domination…”

Ishtar star symbol

“To thee have I prayed; forgive my debt.
Forgive my sin, my iniquity, my shameful deeds, and my offence.
Overlook my shameful deeds; accept my prayer;
Loosen my fetters; secure my deliverance;
Guide my steps aright; radiantly like a hero let me enter the streets with the living.”


-Prayer of Lamentation to Ishtar

Goddess Queen Sabine Mondestin

“Goddess Queen Sabine Mondestin”
Original Image Size 8333 x 5554 Pixels

I Was Inspired From An Old Photo Manipulation That I Did Many Years Ago And It Was Not Really Suppose To Leak Online. I Though That The Idea And Concept Was Good But Not Up To My Standard, So I Used It Has A Reference To Paint “Goddess Queen Sabine Mondestin” And One Hundred Hours Later, I’m Pretty Happy Of The Final Result. Move Your Mouse Over The Masterpiece To See The Cool Fine Details  And Appreciate The Work Behind It.

Care For Some Original Music While You Enjoy The Painting?
“Free” Performed & Written By Steve Lareau (“Déjà Vu”)

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"Great Artist! Really digging your art, keep up your awesome work!"

− Lucia Livingston , Ambler, Alaska, USA

"Very nice, I think you deserve an award! I see your artworks everywhere!"

− Anna Lycan, Asselfingen, Germany, Europe

"This is revolutionary and slick work you have here Steve."

− Ethel J. Milne , KinshasaDemocratic, Republic of the Congo

"I want to learn your technique, please teach me ;-)"

− William Dukes, Los Angeles, United States

"Oh how I long for this moment. Kick ass images! A lot of great conceptual paintings with beautiful lighting ... send some ideas my way!"

− Saamiya Shakirah, Madrid, Spain

"This is classic work mate! Very powerful and impressive!"

− Mathew Warren , London, United Kingdom

"Sorry for my inglish, but your art is just amazing!!!!!!!"

− Burkett Dionne , Nice, France

"Steven Lareau is my favorite digital painter/manipulator. Your work is incredible, I would be curious to see how you do this and how many layers are involved. Very complex and unique art form."

− Karel Klimeš , Yangon, Myanmar

"You are just divine my friend. I never seen anything like this before. Creating illusions is an art and you are a true artist. I'm subscribing to your news letter because I really wanna see what's next!"

− Karmen Nieuwlicht, Vancouver, Canada

Got Inspired By The “Goddess Queen Sabine Mondestin”?
What Do You Think Is The Painting  Back Story?

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