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Samman Malouf from Garies, South Africa
Fabulous artwork you have here and your technic is trully unic body. I also love your music Steve!
Eric Tremblay from Quebec, Canada
Wow man! Sa tire en sacrement ton affaire, j'peut même pas commencer a imaginer le travail qui as derrière ton art. Je suis époustoufler!!!
Lena Olsson from Toronto, Canada
It's excellent not just sleek and overly gorgeous!
永福 和子 from CITE EL BASSATINE , Tunisia
This atmosphere of your masterpieces has navigated right into my heart body. Keep me updated when you post new artworks please. You F..... Rocks Man!
Gaetan Authier from Hövels, Germany
This is elegant work ! I have a job for you! Please contact me!
Marcos Costa Gomes from Vila Velha-ES
I can't help but wonder what Edward Snowden would think about your work Mr. Lareau. Everyone needs to stop and check out the amount of details that you've put into your big Masterpiece!
Jessica Fussell from North Chicago, USA
Hugely thought out! I'd love to see some videos of how you do your painting.
Sandra J. Collier from Oakland, USA
Congrats on the new adventure Steve!
Zvonimir Chiranjeevi from Zvenigovo, Russia
Very very nice images, you are a very talented man Steve L.
Shaun Mahon from Big Lake, USA
Wow! I am just blown away by your paintings, the emotion and colors just draws your full attention. Favorite artist ever!
Juan Jovan from Wood River, United States
I'm in love with the mermaid 😉 Phenomenal work!
Oliver Morga from Toronto, Canada
Nice creativity. Really superb. I am very much excited 🙂
Clark Harris from Paris, France
Beautiful.. fantasy yet so real.
Jacob Johnson from Santa Monica, USA
More than one person has said that these are the best digital painting they’ve ever seen, and I agree.
Burkett Dionne from Nice, France
Sorry for my inglish, but your art is just amazing!!!!!!!
William Dukes from Los Angeles, United States
I want to learn your technique, please teach me 😉
Ethel J. Milne from KinshasaDemocratic Republic of the Congo
This is revolutionary and slick work you have here Steve.
Anna Lycan from Asselfingen, Germany, Europe
Very nice, I think you deserve an award! I see your artworks everywhere!
Lucia Livingston from Ambler, Alaska, USA
Great Artist! Really digging your art, keep up your awesome work!
Hussein Eniola from Gaurnadi, Bangladesh
Amazing job you have incredible talent love looking at your work. So many details and Sabine looks amazing in everyone of them!
Mathew Warren from London, United Kingdom
This is classic work mate! Very powerful and impressive!
James Freeman from Matteson, Illinois, United States
It's basically everything I love about digital painting and your technique just blow my mind away. Absolutely awesome!
Vicente Kilian from Viadana, Italy
Queen Sabine is my muse too body 😉 I'm jealous!
Brian Jochen from les Escaldes, Andorra
I love you're style!
Saamiya Shakirah from Madrid, Spain
Oh how I long for this moment. Kick ass images! A lot of great conceptual paintings with beautiful lighting ... send some ideas my way!
Rick Rivera from New York, USA
Queen of the metaverse, Sabine is most certainly my favorite. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with next time 🙂
Karel Klimeš from Yangon, Myanmar
Steven Lareau is my favorite digital painter/manipulator. Your work is incredible, I would be curious to see how you do this and how many layers are involved. Very complex and unique art form.
Karmen Nieuwlicht from Vancouver, Canada
You are just divine my friend. I never seen anything like this before. Creating illusions is an art and you are a true artist. I'm subscribing to your news letter because I really wanna see what's next!
Janet Norwood from Brent, United States
Very realistic masterpieces! Love it, great processing and amazing images. Great work!
Mia Gonzalez from Vancouver Canada
I’ve just been looking through your portfolio and I really love your work. You have a fantastic eye for composition and you are very talented. I'm a fan
Emily Thompson from Miami, USA
Love your painting! You’re so amazing! I’m going to work hard to get as good as you are! You’re now an inspiration for me! Keep it up!
Pierre Demers from Quebec, Canada
This is really mind blowing, just can't stop looking at it!