“A masochist derives pleasure from being hurt; so denying the masochist his pleasure through-pain hurts him just as much as actual physical pain hurts the non masochist. The story of the truly cruel sadist illustrates this point: The masochist says to the sadist, “beat me.” To which the merciless sadist replies, “NO!” If a person wants to be hurt and enjoys suffering, then there is no reason not to indulge him in his


― Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible 

Mistress Queen Sabine

“Mistress Queen Sabine”
Original Image Size 7000 x 4667 Pixels

Moving Your Mouse Over The Artwork Will Allow You To Enjoy The Fine Details. It Toke Me Around 10 Years To Develop My Own Personal Digital Painting Technique To Achieve That Result And Visual Effect. About 125 Hours Of Work Has Been Put Into “Mistress Queen Sabine”

Care For Some Original Music While You Enjoy The Painting?
“L’Amour Rire” Performed & Written By Steve Lareau (“Déjà Vu”)

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"I love you're style!"

− Brian Jochen, les Escaldes, Andorra

"Astonishing, the colour palette and vibrance of the background are really awesome!"

− Sebastian Nash, Presidente Olegário, Brazil

"Queen Sabine is my muse too body 😉 I'm jealous!"

− Vicente Kilian, Viadana, Italy

"Very very nice images, you are a very talented man Steve L."

− Zvonimir Chiranjeevi, Zvenigovo, Russia

"It's basically everything I love about digital painting and your technique just blow my mind away. Absolutely awesome!"

− James Freeman, Matteson, Illinois, United States

"Keep it up Bro, you freaking rock!!!"

− Tom Ambroos, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Canada

"Very realistic masterpieces! Love it, great processing and amazing images. Great work!"

− Janet Norwood, Brent, United States

"Your brushstrokes are just insane my friend! And the dark mood you've created was done perfectly!"

− Laurie Ciarán, Sidi Yahia el Gharb, Morocco

Got Inspired By The “Mistress Queen Sabine”?
What Do You Think Is The Painting  Back Story?

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