13 Witches “THE MOVIE”


  • Running Time: 100 min
  • Production Year: 2012
  • Genre: Horror/Drama
  • Format: .mpeg
  • Director/Writer/Producer: Sabine Mondestin
  • Editor/Co-Producer: Steve Lareau
  • Production House: MyDestiny Production
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Plot Summary

13 Witches is a Fantasy Horror story where thirteen sisters who practiced paganism, centuries ago , were wrongfully accused of being witches. They were tortured, punished and burned alive by those they loved. Only one of the sisters escaped:Nemesis. A deal is struck between Nemesis and the devil and centuries later, the sisters have been reincarnated and seek revenge on the ones who stole their lives.

Some Awards Won By 13 Witches

13 Witches Award

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Check Out The Painting I’ve Made Inspired By The Movie.
I Call It “13 Witches, The Creator Queen Sabine”

Extra Informations

A Little Bit More About The Film:

When We Produced “13 Witches” At First, It Was Suppose To Be A Web-Series Only. But Because It Was Cut Into Short Episodes Ranging From Around 8 to 15 Mins And We Had To Let Some Graphic Stuff Go (You Tube Term & Conditions), We’ve Decided To Re-Edited It Into A Film Version Of 1 Hrs And 40 Mins Long So That The Fans Can Watch It Uncut Without Interruption And Really Let Them Self Go Into The Story.

After Over 10 Millions Views To This Day, Across Platforms, “13 Witches” Has Most Certainly Been Talk About A Lot. We’ve Been Mention In Many Main Stream Medias Including “The New York Times” , And That Is Pretty Cool. But When You Have A Lot of Public Visibility You Open Your Self To Criticism/Haters And You Have To Have A Tick Skin To Keep Going And Like They Say In Hollywood  “There Is Only One Thing In Life Worse Than Being Talked About, And That Is Not Being Talked About.” So We Will Continue To Give Them Something To Talk About 😉

“13 Witches” Have Also A Huge Cult Like Following Due To The 1970″ B-Movies Acting Style And Feel Of The Movie. Not To Forget That The Witches Are Dominatrix In The Film And BDSM Is Getting A Lot Of Attention Laterally With Some Movies Like “50 Shades Of Gray”.

One Of The Reason Why “13 Witches Has A 1970″ B-Movies Style Is The Budget That We Had To Produced It Which Was Next To Nothing, We Had To Get Very Creative To pull It Off And The 1970” Low Budget B-Movie Feel Was The Way To Go. The Funny Thing Is That IMDB Says That We Had 100000$ To Produced It HaHaHa, No Ideas How They Came Out With That Number But Let Me Tell You That If We Had This Money It Would Have Been A Lot Less Painful To Make (Team With Experience, Good Sound Equipment’s, Professional Movie Cameras, Good Actors…..). It Was More In The Range Of 2-3 k And We’ve Made It With What Equipment’s We Could Borrowed And Find We Even Have Some Footage Shoot On A Cel Phone. At The End We’ve Made It Happen And That’s What’s Important!

Now I Believe In The “13 Witches” Story And Project And I Know That When We Lock Down Some Reel Money To Make A Feature Film Or Series Dedicated For The Main Stream, “13 Witches” Will Be The Next Big Thing. All Of This Because Of The Brilliant Mind Of A Very Courageous Woman, Queen Sabine Mondestin And Her Strive To Succeed!

If You Want To Watch “13 Witches” The Online Movie And Support Us, You Can Buy Here For 1,99$

Also If you Are Interested In Investing Or Have Something To Offer That Can Help Bring The Next “13 Witches” To Life, Feel Free To Contact Me I Would Love To Hear From You.


13 Witches Official Movie Poster

13 Witches Official Movie Poster


Sabine Mondestin _ Nemesis
Steve Lareau _ Asmodeus
Nicole Rockmann _ Diana
Marie E West _ Athena
Victoria Vice_ Andromeda
Sara Akeera _ Hera
Lolly Watson _ Themis
Lea Kovach _ Venus
Lila Popa _ Pandora
Adiam Asrat _ Enyo
Wanda Ayala _ Eurybia
Paula Elle _ Lilith
Natasha Davidson _ Isis
Valerie Pauwels _ Persephore
Jennifer Koenig _ Abeona
Julia Lawton _ Sheila
Ferrone Gavriel _ Salome
Dominique Brownes _ Danica
Clayton Chitty _ Christian
Guy Christie _ Stephen
Xander Martel _ Caleb
Steven Jeays _ Daniel
Edwin Rodrigez _ Anubis
Cole Hatcher_Paul
Rob Compton _ Charles
Adam Beauchesne _ Ken
Matthew Mandzij_ Steve
Sean Gilchrist _ Adrian
Lionel Maye _ Ben
Randy Rafuse_Mark
Roman Nenadic_Barry
Anelora Popa_ Selena
Andrea Ace Stefancikova_Diana 2
Ashley Young_Tina
Bruno Nella_The Demon
Miles Wilkinson_The Slave
Sharmaine Yeoh_Angry Business woman


Writer: Sabine Mondestin
Producer: Sabine Mondestin
Co Producer: Steve Lareau
Associate Producer: Lolly Watson
Production Manager:Sabine Mondestin
Director : Sabine Mondestin
Co Director : Mike Thorkilsen
Co Director: Katelyn Goltz
1 st AD : Roman Nenadic
1 st AD: Rob Comptom
1 st AD: Randy Rafuse
Camera op 1: Steve lareau
Camera op 2 : Lolly Watson
Make up : Natasha Karpova
Make up: Katt Charbonneau
Make Up: Kristen Marie Foote
Make up: Tomas Olivier
Make up: Jess Clack
Make up: Rebecca Sauders
Make up: Olivia Morley
Key Hair: Ashley Young
Assistant Hair : Julia Volchkova
Assistant Hair:Vibhuti H
Wardrobe Stylist: Sabine Mondestin
Editor : Steve Lareau


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